Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Leader In Me

You may have heard your child come home using seem new vocabulary in the last few weeks: proactive, reactive, carry your own weather, make a plan, goals, think win win and more. This is from our school wide pilot of the Leader In Me and the 7 Habits For Happy Kids. Today's blog post focuses on Habit 1- Be Proactive.
Through discussion, instruction and proactice we are supporting students awareness of the choices they make. Students are encourages to make positive choices that will help them be successful at school and outside of school. We stress being proactive and the choices we have in reactions to others. Choosing to be happy ,excited, joyful, satisfied etc is all in our control when we carry our own weather. The ability to focus on the things that are in our circle of control helps us reduce stress be more effective and influence others in a positive way.

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