Tuesday, January 31, 2017


We started our clubs at Hanawalt this year as part of our Leadership Framework. It was our thought that being part of a club helps grow, not only the discrete skill the club is focused around ,but  leadership and citizenship skills as well. Students need to feel part of a group. Clubs are another opportunity for them to connect and interact with others. They gain confidence and build relationships. The staff at Hanawalt are very proud of the success of our first club attempt.  I believe the student quotes best tell how successful our club project has been.
Anna  "We made great plays with little adult help. We did it ourselves."
Meredith s  " It was fun making our own theater."
 Cloe  " It was awesome because got to spend time with my second grade teacher." 

"The newspaper club was the only club that I felt like I belonged in. I chose this club because I felt like I had talent in it. But I have to leave the club now because I feel like I have to be more open. So I highly recommend this club because it has a part for everyone from comics to interviews. So if you are looking for a worthwhile club you should try this one. "   Alex

“My favorite part of newspaper club was writing about events that I liked and listening to other peoples’ fun stories. I also enjoyed being with my friends and going to other classes to write about other clubs.”  George
"I like robotics so much because it is fun and creative". Maqdis

" We learned so many things about other countries and the people in those countries. It was fun tasting all the food!"

" Being on the technology team made me feel like a leader" Anthony

" The coding club was the best. I learned how to do QR codes and was able to teach other people how to  do it" Lucas








DMPS Welcomes All

-The following statement was issued yesterday, jointly, by our Superintendent and School Board. DMPS and Hanawalt welcomes and celebrates the richness that diversity brings to our schools. Here at Hanawalt all stakeholders work for the success of all our students. Many have asked how they can help. Ms Bell has been in contact with a group from Merrill, who is sponsoring a "Coffee for Change" event. Please see below.
Thank you for making Hanawalt the inclusive, happy place it is. Together is better!

Smokey Row Coffee

Stop by Smokey Row any time from 2-4 to continue the march forward for change! Write your representative about the issues that are important to you (we will have the postcards, stamps and addresses!), drop off a donation for a local shelter (most needed items are posted below), and sip some coffee with friends. Stay for awhile, or just drop in. Bring your friends, neighbors & family. Let's keep this march going!

-personal care items (deodorant, travel sized toothpaste, travel sized shampoo, etc.)
-underwear (men's and women's)
-wash cloths
-reading glasses

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


                   What brings you joy? What are ways to show joy? How do we spread joy?
                                                You can choose to be joyful everyday
What started out as a word of the day became part of our school culture. It resonated throughout the school and students found ways to find and spread joy.
It is important to pause and reflect on all of the blessings we have, the things we have to be joyful about and how important it is to bring joy to others.
These are examples of joy from our hawks!
 Being part of a school  community can be happy, exciting, scary and frustrating. This mirrors being part of any family or organization.  I hope you take time at the start of 2017 to think of the joy that our school and community brings.
                      Your joyful and dedicated staff at Hanawalt wish you all the best for 2017!
                                                    Thanks to Kelsey Byus for designing these awesome shirts.