Monday, September 5, 2016

Learning Spaces


Many of you have noticed or will notice some changes in our classrooms at Hanawalt. One of the areas teachers are trying out is flexible seating in the classroom. In the educational world this is a hot topic. This effort aligns with our overall focus of student centered classrooms. In a world that runs on constant collaboration, creativity and problem solving our classrooms must reflect the real world decisions and opportunities we want students to navigate in the future. . As the world changes so should our classroom design.  The idea behind the movement is that classrooms design offers choice, spaces for independent, partner and group work. Research shows that students learn better when given choice. We want  students to have a say in how the classroom is designed and  how the learning happens. I've included some posts and articles about classroom design in case you want to learn more about it. The PTA has been generous in donating some items for teacher that are experimenting with their set up. I hope you will support teachers at Hanawalt that are stepping outside the norm and sometimes their comfort zone to make 21st Century Learning come alive for students.


Flexible Seating

Creating a Student Centered Classroom

Flexible Seating is just one of our steps towards Student Centered Classrooms. We are using the following rubric this year as we work to offer students the opportunity to lead in their choices for their learning. Teacher want to move across the rubric going from Teacher Centered Classrooms to Student Centered Classrooms with Rigor.

As we grow and change we are excited about the opportunities to live our Mission this school year. Ask your child about their day, what leadership opportunities did they have, what is the seating plan in their classroom, what choices did they make in their learning, how they feel they learn best? Education is not something we do to our students, it is something we do together with our students.
Kelly L. Schofield

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