Monday, December 5, 2016

Next Generation Science Standard

Des Moines Public Schools has a five year plan for implementing the Next Generation Science Standards. Hanawalt Elementary is jumping in feet first this year. After many teachers went to training over the summer and grade levels started unpacking the standards last spring we felt these new standards were the vehicle we needed to move us forward with integration, STEM goals and 21st Century Learning. Knowing that students need to understand science topics and how they relate to the world and interrelate with each other.
It is important for us to develop problem solvers that are ready to take on future problems from pandemics to energy shortages. Being literate in science and mathematics will provide advantages for our students. Opening doors that would other wise be closed. Although the integration of engineering and technology is not new to elementary school, the new Science Standards support teachers by cross cutting with other content areas and supports intentional integration with engineering and technology.

Click on the following link to get information about the Next Generation Science Standards and ways you can support this learning at home.
Next Generation Science Standards


                                                      Forces In Motion
                                                         Plant Structures
                                                          Life Cycles

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